Monday, February 8, 2016


Let's start with Playlist comments.   Playlist will not be posted until March due to our fundraising efforts at WFDU and all that requires.    If you feel  so inclined you might go to and make a donation get some nice premiums---and support the truly eclectic station on the left side of the dial.     Besides some great gifts (rewards)(bribes) you will be supporting a rare thing these days=====a radio station that is not restricted by playlists from a corp. entity and will give you programming you  had  years back before the "suits" took charge along w/ the insipid commercial;s

Now, time for the review I mentioned.   I will be brief.  HAIL CAESAR.  This new Coen Bros.  is a delight.  I say that as one who has seen it and, frankly, really liked it for many reasons---so, briefly==not the laugh riot I expected but, rather, the Coen bros. usual sly humor in the background/  It is a wonderful send-up if 1950's films and some terrific production moments of those films with people  you will recall----Gene Kelly , Esther  Williams,Hedda Hopper,etc;  All done with the Coen Bros cast.

In short---one scene involving a new film that the studio does not want to offend anyone (about Jesus)  and they call together Priest/Minister/Greek Orthodox/Rabbi  and other Clergy for a meeting====spoiler alert====funniest scene (to me).  There are others and so much more that you will pick up on if you are of a certain age----or a buff off 1950s  films and culture.   The Coen Bros. comedic take in  blacklisted writers and the results is inspired.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


OK===not the greatest lead in with the header but a true tale and a great disappointment. 
The local JCC has a discussion group and I have attended as  I did today.   After spending some 20 min, of discussing what the people would do should they win Powerball   I asked if we could not change the subject from this inanity.   I make friends wherever I go.      Anyway, our ineffective moderator went on to the State of the Union Message  by Pres. Obama.  We did and I have never heard such shrill shrieking (mostly by 1 lady with an attitude and a harsh annoying voice that hates most things---not sure what she likes).  This was followed by comments of similar thopughts by others (which surprised me) but this was the winner===a man who is a member of the TeaParty spoke of that---who knows why.    I could not resist  commenting on that and said (paraphrase).."... I am versed on the Tea Party and recall being at a few events there---fun times----the Mad Hatter was there , Alice, and so  many people from this Neverland====           

I loved the response from the Tea Party Member----"what the hell has a mad hatter to do with a serious comment like mine.."    My response---"Is the word "humor" in you greatly abridged dictionary?

I believe it is time to stick to my blog and avoid the truly narrow and bigoted ( not all but most) attendees at the Oceanside JCC

Saturday, December 26, 2015


It has been some time since the last posting on this site and it is time to correct that if anyone noticed or cared----that's honesty.   I know there are some bloggers of much more import than I and their items go "viral". Think  of the wonderful and sad case of the writer featured in this wknd's NYT article in the year end magazine piece.  Probably the only time that a virus goes viral and it is a good thing.

Let's start with radio,   Specifically WFDU.    My compliments to the new mgmt that has truly moved the most eclectic radio station, on what used to be called a dial, into this new century.   I would also praise the old mgmt (Carl Kraus---leader of the pack ,as the song says)for his years of great service and for his loyalty in most controversies which  I have had on very  rare occasions.  Thanks also go to this eclectic outlet in keeping, as I say, "Yidishkeit on the air".  OK it is also a bumper sticker for WFDU.   Blogger honesty-----WFDU (years back) talked me into doing this program since my main interest and focus was on doing (and still do) TRADITIONS.  The bottom line to all this that I get a great response to SIMCHA and am delighted to keep doing it---AND---keeping Yiddishkeit on the air-----want a bumper sticker?   I can get it for you wholesale.  Go to    Next. Let me mention TRADITIONS and my co-host (who, in nostalgia mode now, asked me to join him over 21 yrs ago---let us now hum Who Knows Where The Time Goes) Ron Olesko.   Admittedly his creation of over 40 yrs ago and, while I may have changed things a bit he did as well-----strange part , to me, he is more current than I now am in some areas.    I think we both agree that entertaining our listener(s) is the prime focus,  I do know that  our audience---that is you--respond to is in a most positive way and seem to like the  new and the old favorites.    Also. the topicality and thematic material.

Let  us now leave the radio comments behind and, briefly, mention some current things on my alleged mind(brain)

   Who would have thought that Mr Rump would have lasted this long in this inane and on=going non-debate.Lincoln/Douglas debate.   JFK/NIXON debated.   This nonsense is Reality TV ala Super Market checkout  magazine...The public eats it up .  Just as they (as the old novel says---"the great unwashed"}go for things like the "inside " items  they discover in People, Us, and,hey, this is a blog---all the other crap the great unwashed find   in the checkout line.

One last thought regarding this furor about "Black Lives Matter"   They sure do.  I understand the point of this.  However, given all the violence in today's sad world---all lives do and would that we all could get that point..  Perhaps Pete Seeger, as usual, got it right.   Listen to Turn Turn Turn again. There is a time---you know the rest.

Hoping for a wonderful, peaceful New Year for you all----stay well.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Having neglected this blog for a while I, as Gen MacArthur, have returned with some thoughts and comments on the radio programs and also some things that I was not able to play on the air---by my own decision and not by any people in the most eclectic radio station you will find in the universe.   No more being excited--as in the days of crystal sets and tubes---by rcvng  Chicago or London on the air.  It's a new world---and has been for a while now and technology creeping up on as at an even faster pace.  I admit that new mgmt at WFDU has really expanded things from when I came aboard (1994).  It truly is the "global" voice of---you know the rest.

I could go  into some tales of loyalty and programming criticisms but, in the big picture, this  is the most free form and (I do believe I coined the phrase)most eclectic station on your dial---if you have such an obsolete item.

 The years have gone by---some 24---since I joined the station and so much has evolved I will keep those memories here in my alleged brain but would share them on request---sort of like radio requests.

 To end the radio portion of this rant;  I hope you are enjoying my programs-- TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA.   Today's TRADITIONS was a special delight for me because I was able to introduce music from a friend of mine---DAVID BERNZ---his son JACOB . 

I know we cannot  leave out SUNDAY SIMCHA. Good opportunity for me to make a rant.  The positive comment is that it has brought me back to my own roots and has exposed me to what really attracts lovers of "Yidishkeit" and tolerate my     "modernization" of it.   I won't go into future programming---tune in and find out the results

 A few current thoughts now about this inanity of alleged debates for the Presidential election 2016---these are no debates as definitions go.  They are publicity hype by the insane over populated pack of Repubs---led by a rather large joke----Mr..D. Trump.   Now there is Ben Carson---the opposite of the Trump joke---a quiet man speaking softly (as he did to patients in his very difficult medical practice).   People believe in his knowledge and veracity because of that---his knowledge goes no further than that.   He knows nothing of international politics (right along w/ the RE magnate who thinks he knows more than even God).   For brain surgery I would certainly look to him.   For leadership there must be something better.   

I did not intend this as a political  diatribe .   Do what you think correct but do think of Bernie Sanders